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Smurf Pop by Cheap eJuice comes in 60ml and is a delicious blue raspberry flavored lollipop candy that is incredibly delicious.

Bottle Size: 60ml

Flavor Type: Candy Flavored eJuice

Smurf Pop by Cheap Ejuice has the taste of a masterfully transformed blue raspberry lollipop into an eliquid shape. You won't believe this delicious candy flavor is blowing clouds and you don't really have the real thing. Munch with this delicious vapor juice on the favorite candy of Papa Smurf!

Treat your taste buds with a sweet and sugar blend of a blue raspberry lollipop as you puff on sweet candy clouds, inspired by the Smurfs ' long-time favorite sweet delight! In the light of a full moon, thousands of delicious raspberries were gathered, giving each plump berry that mystical blue hue. These delicious berries were carted off to the Cheap Ejuice Candy Factory once the wheelbarrows were filled. They are poured into a large vat once each berry has been washed and dried, where mischievous Smurfs eagerly begin to smash and throw the berries around until nothing remains but a sweet and sticky blue mess!

This delicious blue raspberry juice is stirred into a bubbling pot of sticky candy, ensuring in every treat a crunchy flavor of sweet blue raspberry candy! The liquid blue raspberry candy is poured into small spherical molds with a paper stick poking out of each candy's middle and set to cool. Treat your taste buds to the delicious flavor of candied blue raspberry flavor and lose yourself in the favorite scent of the infamous blue Smurfs.

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