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Circus Cooler is another superb vape juice blend that is part of the Circus Eliquid collection. Circus Cooler has the flavor of summer soda with bubbly pop.

Circus Cooler is one of those exotic tasting e-liquids that will have you licking your lips. This vape juice makes for a pleasant vaping experience. Circus Cooler is an impressive e-liquid that will have you taking more hits. All the flavors in this e-liquid by Circus Eliquid are excellent. When you vape Circus Cooler you do not have to concern yourself with any chemical flavors. Circus Cooler is the kind of e-liquid that is ideal for the summer season. You can vape Circus Cooler all day long without getting tired of its taste.

Circus Cooler by Circus Eliquid has a delicate inhale and exhale. When you take a hit of Circus Cooler, it is the taste of the bubbly pop flavor that first hits you. And it is only when you exhale, that you can taste the fruity soda flavor. Circus Cooler is the kind of e-liquid with an impressive aftertaste that lasts in the mouth for a long time.

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