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Cream Team Neapolitan eJuice

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Neapolitan by Cream Team is a sweet refreshment of the frozen yogurt dessert. It combines the tasty trifecta of rich vanilla, debauched chocolate, and boosting strawberry for a joy.

The vape scientists at Cream Team hunts down the ideal inspiration to make their fantasy enhance. After a monotonous long stretches of searching, they came back to their vape lab. They created one of the most decadent and smooth flavors that will unquestionably make them shout for more! Neapolitan Ejuice by Cream Team includes a velvety mix of rich Neapolitan dessert. Then, it has been squeezed into eliquid structure to exhibit a crazy house of flavor. Appreciate a bowl loaded up with strong scoops of debauched milk chocolate, rich vanilla, and sweet strawberry. May your clouds fly and take off into the sky!

The inhale is a heavenly ripe strawberries with notes of rich chocolate and a trace of vanilla bean. The exhale is the velvety decency of a bowl of all the frozen yogurt flavors mixed together. The inhale and exhale sure has an incredible Neapolitan taste. It has a smooth throat hit which will surely make you love it more! An extraordinary throughout the day vape without a doubt! Try some Cream Team today!