Dinner Lady Rice Pudding with Jam


Dinner Lady's Rice Pudding with Jam is a unique flavor made from sticky rice pudding topped with a raspberry jam! It is a whole lot of dessert with a rich and fruity flavor!

Rice Pudding with Jam from Dinner Lady is one of the most unique blend of vape juice because of the flavor it is made from. Its features is like no other and yet it is highly a sought-after dessert flavor. The smooth and buttery rice pudding will melt in your mouth as soon as you take a hit. It is then followed by a heaping spoonful of raspberry jam for a burst of berry taste! The rice are poured into a bubbling pot of creamy milk to infuse a thick and rich creamy flavor. Scoops of pure cane sugar are mixed on the rice pudding. Lastly, it is now topped with a vanilla extract to instill a sweet exotic goodness.

It does not last there! There is more to look forward in this e-juice since a raspberry jam is added into this already yummy flavor. Hundreds of raspberries are freshly picked for you to deliver a fruity goodness to your taste buds. These berries are crushed and pressed into a thick compote, soaked with sugar and then boiled to create a jam! A sticky rice pudding and a raspberry jam is united into one mouthwatering ejuice flavor. A full bowl of rice pudding is send out and a spoonful of raspberry jam is evenly layered onto the top. It is a whole lot of dessert with a rich and fruity flavor!

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