Dinner Lady Strawberry Custard


Strawberry Custard by Dinner Lady is perfectly blended with the sweet creamy custard and butter-caramel. It is an amazing and refreshing flavor that will take you to the next level of vape.

Have a great treat on a freshly baked custard which has a similar flavor to the pudding. This flavor leaves a fresh strawberry flavor for a long time. If you are a die-hard fan of milky custard with a hint of vanilla, this ejuice is specially crafted for you. This vape juice will make you feel that it is recently taken from the dairy farm which provides freshly prepared cream that is used in the flavor. Next, this vape has freshly whipped eggs that are perfectly folded in, with an amazing scoop of pure cane. At the last, the hint of vanilla with entire dessert filled with a creamy texture.

The thick and creamy dessert in which freshly sliced strawberries are embedded in it. This entire dessert flavor is poured into vaping tank. This dessert is freshly baked into dreamy golden brown, with freshly sliced strawberry! In the end, the finishing touch of fluffy cream is served on top with sweet and juicy strawberry which is sprinkled amazingly on top this vape after dinner special. Enjoy the magical flavor created by caper lover. This classic vape flavor will bring a soft and buttery pudding flavor that will instigate all your senses and give you a level of satisfaction that you will never forget. You will go crazy when the rich tones of creamy custard, sweet sugar, whipped cream, and exotic vanilla. So, vape it now.

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