Donut Town Blueberry Boulevard

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Blueberry Boulevard by Donut Town comes in 100ml Bottle and is a Blueberry covered donut with a touch of icing that you will not want to put down!

Bottle Size: 100ml

Flavor Type: Dessert Flavored eJuice

Blueberry by Donut Town includes the freshly baked donut which is softly dough to give it a cake flavor. This amazing kitchen dishes that smothered in sugary blueberry with the touch of icy flavor. This flavor is ready to deliver happiness to the taste buds by overloading it with a donut! Dance with the amazing flavor of blueberry and live your dream with the succulent e juice.

Take your vape taste buds on a treat loaded dream, where freshly prepared blueberry donuts get raced out of a hot stove, prepared to lure your mists with sugary sweetness. Warm and sticky sweet blueberry icing gets washes your taste buds with these tasty treats, conveying a sweet aroma of hot and fragrant pastry. Each puff conveys a tasty platter of sweet doughnuts, beyond what you would like to expand. The sweetness of the donut is complemented by the wild and tart kind of stout blueberries. Your mouth waters as you long for sinking your teeth into a sensitive uncooked dream and your eyes move as you desire for that sticky sweet wild berry icing. Crunch on naturally coated doughnuts throughout the day and let yourself slip into sweet sugar paradise of mists.

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