Donut Town Salts Blueberry Boulevard

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Blueberry Boulevard Salt by Donut Town Salts comes in 30ml Bottle and is a Blueberry covered donut with a touch of icing that you will not want to put down!

Bottle Size: 30ml

Flavor Type: Dessert Flavored eJuice

Donut Town Salt Blueberry Boulevard is a sugar-coated donut loaded down with sweet blueberry jam and rich vanilla custard. Doughnut Town Blueberry Boulevard vape juice's breathe in is sweet blueberry jam shrouded in a sweet rich smooth custard. The breath out is a brilliant broiled mixture with clues of blueberry custard to complete your vape.

Smooth and buttery Custard pressed coated with donut covered with Blueberry icing. Blueberry Boulevard Salt by Donut Town Salts is a Blueberry secured doughnut with a bit of icing that you won't have any desire to put down!

Donut Town Salt introducing hot and delightful donuts, whipped together from a sweet and sticky mixture, with crisply picked wild blueberries, pure sugar, and smooth butter. These donuts get squeezed and folded into a slight circle and prepared only enough to give the mixture a chance to rise. Out come the doughnuts, steaming hot, just to be dumped into a fryer, percolating happily with singing oil!

These sweet doughnuts are fricasseed on the two sides to a scrumptiously profound brilliant dark colored. At that point, the doughnuts are sent down a transport line, where a cascade of gooey icing is poured uniformly over every doughnut. Out pop, the doughnuts on the opposite side, and a sprinkling of new blueberry cuts top every doughnut for an arresting blueberry season!

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