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Strawberry Street by Donut Town comes in 100ml Bottle and is a Strawberry covered donut with a touch of icing that you will not want to put down!

Bottle Size: 100ml

Flavor Type: Dessert Flavored eJuice

Strawberry Street Ejuice by Donut Town represents a sweet and tasty strawberry iced doughnut, overflowing with warm and delicate doughnut goodness and covered with a wild strawberry icing. As a completing touch, a bunch of naturally cut strawberries are flung one of the sodden pastry, prepared to assault your taste buds with a cloud overflowing with a delightfully sweet and crisp fruit flavor!

Go for a walk down a road that highlights warm and new aromas of strawberry donuts with a step ahead, on account of a popular doughnut shop that has turned into reasonable doubt cherished cloud-pursuing spot for a considerable time! Many delicate and pulled doughnuts are freshly prepared, because of a top magical recipe that makes these looked for after donuts a fragile delicacy! Sweet cream, butter, pure sugar, and many slices of strawberries are synced into a sticky sweet mixture, prepared to be framed into the great doughnut shape! These sticky doughnuts are slid into the microwave oven, where the heat to get right fluffiness.

Every doughnut is browned to a brilliant fresh on either side and afterwards set on a moving transport line to the icing room! A transcending cascade of liquid pink strawberry icing falls over each crispy baked doughnut, altogether covering every pastry with a scrumptious pink icing that overflows with sweet strawberry enhance in each nibble!

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