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FRYD Banana eJuice

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Banana by FRYD is the best flavor to treat your vape taste buds. As a brilliant darker cake is thick cuts of tropical bananas! Sweet and freshly picked fruit style in a pan-fried cake player?

Banana e juice by FRYD Eliquids have tapped in on that tasty sweet tooth fulfillment that carries sweet browned goodness to your vape tank. This flavor will make your day brilliant with the banana flavor, covered in delicious cake, and seared to a delectable brilliant dark colored!

Treat your vape taste buds to loaded up with tempting scents and delectable nourishments at each corner. One specific truck gets your attention, and you meander over to perceive what sweet aromas are originating from their profound fryer. Your eyes light up as you spy columns of banana bundles, radiating an unadulterated yellow shine as they glimmer in the daylight. This freshly plucked fruit conveys a lip-smacking treat with the hint of crisply seared banana cuts! You watch as these sweet natural products are cut into thick pieces, get covered completely in the cake hitter, and dipped into boiling oil! Must vape this flavor to take your taste buds to the next level of happiness.