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Gorilla Warfare .270 eJuice

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.270 Ejuice by Gorilla Warfare gives you a chance to devour a soft puff baked good treat, with rich and juicy strawberry icing and cleaned with sweet powdered sugar. This e-fluid doesn't battle reasonable in the war to guarantee your vape taste buds in the battle for cloud triumph!

The fantastic sweet flavor includes a warm and rich puff baked good, covered with velvety strawberry icing. Every spoonful of the warm and sweet icing is seasoned with crisply picked summer strawberries, conveying an amazing impact of rich goodness! As the icing liquefies everywhere throughout the flaky treat, powdered sugar is filtered over the baked good to guarantee a warm and sugary nibble in each cloud!

This is scrumptious and delightful e-liquid, flaunting a newly prepared puff baked good, smooth strawberry icing, and powdered sugar. Think your vape taste buds are prepared for the fight to come? Charge straight ahead into e-fluid with this tasty flavor stacked into your tank and impact out shots of delightful flavor went for other second-rate sweet flavors. Take your vape on a shot perplexed ride of flavor and devour the sweet treat of warm gooey puff baked good, slathered in sweet strawberry icing and sprinkled with wonderful powdered sugar.