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Gorilla Warfare .270 Reloaded eJuice

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.270 Reloaded by Gorilla Warfare conveys a heavenly breakfast including newly toasted showered with rich sweet strawberry icing! Appreciate the smooth and flaky puff baked good as it gets covered with wild strawberry icing and loaded down with heavenly strawberry jam!

If you want to taste the new flavor, unique .270 reloaded by Gorilla Warfare carries a shot of flavor ideal to your taste buds that is stunningly better than the first! The best gourmet specialists stole this formula from the French and changed into a sweet and tasty e-liquid only for your vaping pleasure! The newly toasted baked good with rich layers of light and fleecy baked nicely. This thick and sweet strudel flies out of the toaster sizzling, each layer of tasty cake conveying delightful rings of warm and delightful bake.

A thick and sugary rope of strawberry icing is softly sprinkled on the whole treat, guaranteeing a wild burst of berry season. Sink your teeth into this smooth and tasty sweet for an amazing surprise. The inside is loaded with warm and thick strawberry jam! Feel the rich flakiness of the cake, the sugary kind of the strawberry icing, and the crispy strawberry jam in a solitary cloud!