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Gorilla Warfare .308 eJuice

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Gorilla Warfare’s .308 gives you a chance to appreciate an attractive blend of naturally picked summer organic products, including delicious pears, newly picked red strawberries, and thick pieces of fresh honeydew melon!

Gorilla Warfare’s .308 is the flavor brags a triple whammy warm and sun-kissed fruits, highlighting the majority of your late spring top picks! This flavor is cold and sweet honeydew melons! Freshly scooped circles of sweet honeydew melon flicker in the warmth of the early in the day sun, assembled by the cartload to guarantee a burst of rich and smooth melon goodness. These delectable berries are cut into slight fragments of sun-warmed strawberry amuse, offering a burst of succulent freshness in each puff.

Sweet and delicious lumps of delicate green honeydew melon offer sweetness in the moving mists. Crisply strawberries detonate in an explosive of sun-kissed enhance. Furthermore, in conclusion, delicate and grainy cuts of sweet pear burst in succulent natural product, perfectly prepared to enchant your vape taste buds with surge of fruit enhance! Take your mists on a shot perplexed ride of fruity goodness and devour the sweet natural product treat of delicate and succulent crisply picked summer organic products.