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Gorilla Warfare .45 eJuice

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.45 by Gorilla Warfare Ejuice is a reviving mix of freshly soaked peach tea, warmed to a rich caramel darker shading in the warmth of the morning sun. You will taste the tannic nibble of dark tea in this e-fluid, however the sweetness of the peach will adjust it.

.45 by Gorilla Warfare has the great kind of sweet peach tea, yet with the acrid blue raspberry features a sweet and invigorating mix of otherworldly blue raspberries mixed with rich peach sweet tea! This flavor includes the candy-coated blue raspberries and succulent Georgia peaches in a tall glass of reviving peach tea in each cloud!

This e-fluid shoots sweet and delightful mists with each breath! No compelling reason to keep running for spread with this e-juice, as your vape taste buds will demand for more of mists bound with crisp blue raspberries and sweet Georgia peaches whirled into an eminent sweet tea! To start with, naturally culled raspberries were reaped in the dead of night, ensuring the magical blue gleam on every one of the raspberries!

These superb berries put aside, prepared to add sugary sweetness to whatever lies next in this flavor. Delicate and fluffy Georgia peaches are cut into thick wedges that take you to the next level of vaping game. These crisp peaches are hurled into a pitcher of sun-blended sweet tea, implanting the tea with a tasty southern flavor that your vape taste buds will love!