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Gorilla Warfare 5.56 eJuice

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5.56 Ejuice by Gorilla Warfare highlights the amazing mixes of sweet dessert flora flavor that shows a rich and tasty mix that is usually found in tequila! Appreciate your rewards for so much hard work and dive in the flavor of ocean of this flavor!

This flavor was named for a bullets that doesn't miss, and this e-fluid means to do only that! As sweet streaming fluid poured in your mouth, take a brilliant hit of smooth and gnawing tequila! Devour the fundamental element of all your tequila top choices, and puff on the smooth and deliciously sweet of prickly plant nectar This amazing flavor. gives you a chance to handle the striking and thorny mix of sliced agave cactus plant, the mystery element of ground-breaking tequila! Vape the power directly at the source and give up to the striking and breathtaking mists that solitary extraordinary desert plants can deliver!

If you end up getting exhausted with the apparently usual taste of vape, this is only for you. Taste this vape and make your vaping session memorable one. The pastries, and sweet e-fluids is the ideal opportunity for a change. That change is waiting for you. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the bottle of ultimate flavor now.