Hit That Cookie Pistachio

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Pistachio by Hit That Ejuice includes a warm and crumbly cookie. It is loaded down with fat green pistachios and sprinkled with a touch of pure cane sugar! Enjoy your sweet tooth longings and lose yourself in the warm and rich clouds of freshly baked cookie that nearly melts in your mouth!

Bottle Size: 60ml

Nicotine Levels: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Full Flavor Description:

Enjoy a smooth and rich cookie, pulled straight from the oven and loaded down with fat and crunchy pistachios! These sweet cookies are baked with consideration from a top-secret recipe. A sticky mixture is created from sweet butter, farm fresh cream, whisked eggs, and pure cane sugar. A scoop of green and tasty pistachios are poured in, adding a nuttiness that is welcomed in a soft and sugary dough. These cookies are scooped out in fat spoonful’s and plopped on a cookie sheet, where they spread out and colored to golden brown!

But now comes the final touch that makes these cookies simply irresistible. The secret is to sprinkle a touch of pistachio dust on top of the cookies as they come fresh from the oven! This dusting of ground pistachios delivers a rich and tasty kick to each fresh and rich bite! Pile your plate high with these crunchy cookies and savor every mouthful of sweet and rich goodness. Enjoy an ejuice overflowing with freshly baked cookies loaded with crunchy pistachios in each cloud of vapor. Wait no more and grab one now!

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