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Chocolate Frosted Donut by Hit That Ejuice includes a sweet and rich treat. It is composed of freshly frosted chocolate doughnuts topped with crunchy chocolate sprinkles! Feast a warm and new vape treat that sets well with your morning, lunch, your after-dinner desires. Grab one now!

Bottle Size: 60ml

Nicotine Levels: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Full Flavor Description:

Slam your taste buds with a fistful of sweet flavor, including a warm and delicate doughnut. Smear your lips with sticky sweet chocolate icing and feel the delicate chocolate sprinkles crunch in your mouth. A top-secret recipe was utilized in the baking of this doughnut, including a bunch of ingredients. This will meet up to shape a warm and rich treat just for you! Soft and sticky doughnut dough is rolled into a thick circle and set in a warm stove to rise tenderly. When the doughnut has risen enough, it gets plopped into a bubbling pan of oil where it is fried.

Every doughnut gets briskly sent down a transport line. It is where a cascade of molten milk chocolate coats every doughnut with a rich and decadent chocolate silk. A handful of chocolate sprinkles are flung on this creamy dessert. It then results to a soft doughnut that your taste buds won't ever want to put down! They are completely covered with a warm and smooth chocolate icing and topped with crunchy sprinkles! So hit your taste buds into next week as you dive into a sweet and rich cloud of freshly baked doughnuts! Try now!

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