HMBL Apple Pear Watermelon

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HMBL's Apple Pear Watermelon features a trinity of flavors. It offers the taste of crisp fall apples, soft juicy pears, and juicy watermelon! The combination of these three flavors creates an irresistible cocktail!

HMBL's Apple Pear Watermelon is a refreshing summer vape. This is truly the perfect 3-in-1 fruity goodness. First thing's first, ripe red apples are plucked from the orchard. These apples will add a crisp, sweet taste to this mix. The next flavor is the soft pears. As you sink in your teeth from this fruit, the juice will roll down to your chin. This is how juicy this e-liquid is. Finally, the red, juicy watermelon adds a subtle sweetness to the mix. This e-juice is fun to vape and you'll not want to stop vaping it. This is a perfect e-liquid for the summer. When vaping Apple Pear Watermelon by HMBL, you can taste the watermelon flavor on the inhale with hints of pear. On the exhale, the apple flavor comes into the spotlight. Grab a bottle of Apple Pear Watermelon today for a one-of-a-kind fruity delight.

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