HMBL Lemon Cake

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Lemon Cake by HMBL has the taste of a sweet and freshly baked lemon pound cake. This is a perfect after-dinner treat that will leave your palate in a state of ecstasy.

Lemon Cake by HMBL features a freshly baked, moist pound cake with lemon flavor. It will comfort you as much as it will drive your taste buds into a state of frenzy. The zest of a thousand lemons were grated down and then mixed into the cake batter. This means you get a tangy bite of lemon and a blast of sweetness with every puff. This lemon pound cake features a golden brown crust and a soft center. A lemon frosting is poured over the top of this pound cake. This will add a sweet and lemony kick to every puff you take. This would make you look forward to the after-dinner dessert as much as you are anticipating the dinner itself. You may even skip straight to dessert and enjoy the luscious taste of lemon pound cake. It will transport your taste buds to heaven. Lemon Cake by HMBL will leave your palates in a state of ecstasy.

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