Juice Roll-Upz Tropical Hi-Punch

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Tropical Hi-Punch is a delicious e-liquid by Juice Roll Upz. This classic vape juice is part of the Juice Roll Upz tropical line. Juice Roll Upz Tropical - Hi Punch has the flavor of different fruit flavors.

Tropical Hi-Punch by Juice Roll Upz is the kind of e-liquid that you want to have when the summer seasons comes around. This e-liquid has a real tropical vibe that will undoubtedly make the mouth water with every hit that you take. This e-liquid is clearly produced with high-quality ingredients. Tropical Hi-Punch is not one of those e-juice blends that taste like they contain any chemical flavors. This vape juice is organic and easy to vape all day long.

Tropical Hi-Punch is one of those e-liquids that is impressive. This e-liquid has a rich all-around taste that makes the mouth water. On the inhale of tastes like freshly made strawberries and a blend of different fruits that is hard to decipher. And when you exhale, it is the flavor of sugar drink and pineapples. This e-liquid has a flowing organic taste that even spreads into their exhale.

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