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Kilo White Series Marshmallow Crisp eJuice

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Marshmallow Crisp is a superb e-liquid that is a part of the Kilo White Series collection. This vape juice has the flavor of marshmallow, rice, and cereal.

Marshmallow Crisp has a rich taste that will appeal to a wide range of vaping enthusiasts. This e-juice has a pleasant taste that will leave your taste buds with a lasting impression. This e-liquid is the type that you can vape all day long without getting bored with its taste. This e-juice has a delicate natural flavor that never becomes artificial. Marshmallow Crisp is a classic e-liquid that vapers who enjoy cereals will appreciate the delicious taste of this Kilo White Series e-juice.

Marshmallow Crisp has a superb inhale and exhale. When you vape this e-juice, it is the taste of the marshmallow flavor that hits you. The marshmallow flavor has an exquisite sweetness that will impress your taste buds. You can also taste notes of the cereal flavor on the inhale. However, it is when you exhale that the cereal flavor comes alive.