Loaded Chocolate Glazed

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Chocolate Glazed is a mouthwatering e-juice. It gives you the taste of a soft, freshly baked doughnut dipped in chocolate. This e-liquid is just as amazing as you imagine when you read the flavor description.

Chocolate Glazed is one of the most unique flavors in the Loaded by Ruthless series, and it certainly stands out from all the chocolate vape juice blends on the market. It tastes so realistic that you can tell it was made by expert mixologists using top-shelf ingredients. This e-juice doesn't have a hint of bitterness like some chocolate vapes on the market. Instead, you get a sweet bold chocolate flavor to complement the pastry dough taste. When vaping Chocolate Glazed, you get the taste of a fresh doughnut on the inhale with all the pastry glory. On the exhale, the chocolate glazing takes over and adds another dimension to the blend. This Loaded e-liquid is nothing short of beautiful. You can vape it at the beginning of the day, when you take a break at work, or when you are relaxing after a meal. This is an e -juice for all moods. And it is certainly an all-day vape. Grab a bottle of Glazed Donut today and savor this chocolate pastry goodness.