Loaded Cran-Apple Iced

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Cran Apple Iced by Loaded is a summertime favorite. This e-juice is a combination of sweet, crisp apple, sour cranberry flavor and menthol. It tastes just like the kind of fruit cocktail you'll want to sit back and sip on a hot day.

Cran Apple Iced by Loaded is a classic. Apple and cranberries are both popular fruit flavors and the combination in this blend is remarkable. This e-juice has a distinct sweet and sour taste. When vaping Cran Apple, you get the sweet apple flavor with a hint of sourness on the inhale. On the exhale, the sour cranberry flavor takes over with a menthol finish. The flavor is not too bold, but it isn't too weak either. You can taste the apple and cranberry clearly. Cran Apple Iced is just the kind of vape juice to grab when you want to kick up your feet and relax. This is certainly a summertime vape. It will give you a blissful vaping experience. You must try this e-juice to appreciate how good it is. If you love fruity vapes, this is a vape juice that you must try.

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