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Marina Classics Glazed Kronuts eJuice

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Marina Classics Glazed Kronuts (Formerly Donuts Ejuice)

These flavors all met up to create a standout amongst the best-tasting breakfast and pastry kinds ever! A smooth and rich kronuts keeps your vape taste buds speculating with respect to which flavor you are really vaping.

Glazed Kronuts has the one of a kind flavor profile of a coated doughnut dipped in milk yet it is very scrumptious! On the inhale of Glazed Kronuts delivers the warm donut vibe that will have your taste buds shivering and your mouth stayed with a grin. On the exhale, both the coating and the milk becomes an integral factor which supplements the doughnut breathe in great. The throat hit of Glazed Kronuts is smooth and unpretentious. There is no consuming or singing sensation at all and you don't need to stress over hacking up a lung every time you go to breathe out.

This flavor is blessed with a smooth richness of a new heated doughnut. It's really both! The sweet treat gets loaded down with thick and rich cream, viably fulfilling your yearnings for something scrumptious. Lastly, the whole pastry gets covered in a sweet and sticky coating for a lip-smacking, delectable treat.