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Marina Classics Strawberry Donut eJuice

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Strawberry Donut by Marina Classics is an e juice filled with rich creaminess. You can get to vaping a strawberry iced doughnut dunked in chilled milk!

Strawberry Donuts by Marina Classics is a browned treat e juice which has cooled. They are injected with a thick and sticky strawberry jam, overflowing out of the doughnuts with wild fruity flavor. Every donut at that point gets covered with a thick strawberry icing and bested with naturally cut strawberries, guaranteeing an amazing fruity flavor in each delectable nibble.

On the inhale, a delicate pink icing, with fruity kinds of strawberry sprinkle in your throat while on the exhale is powerful with a rich toasted kind of a new doughnut out of the fryer. Heavenly Strawberry Donut is certain to make them return for a scrumptious yet virtuous treat. On the off chance that you appreciate a warm heated cake straight rush out of an oven, this e-fluid will give you that on-the-spot fulfillment your sweet tooth desires.