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The Custard Shoppe 3 Pack Bundle

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Blackberry, Butterscotch, and Raspberry by Custard Shoppe are considered one of the best custard flavored e-liquids in the vaping industry. Save some cash with our three pack and puff on the heavenly sweets by The Custard Shoppe for as long as you want!

Blackberry offers a delicious flavor that tastes like it is straight out of the oven! This e-juice overlaps in offering blackberries and vanilla custard. The inhale is tart and offers ripe blackberries while the exhale offers light custard. The custard flavor complements itself and folds over the blackberry clouds.

Butterscotch is an e-liquid overflowing with sweet and warm cuts of butterscotch pie matched with hints of caramel and a bit of whipped cream. The inhale is blended with notes of butterscotch underneath the custard conveyance. The exhale offers the butterscotch flavor with a velvety custard wrap up.

Raspberry is loaded down with wild red raspberries and beat cushioned whipped cream! The inhale begins with an subtle tart taste of the raspberries. The exhale wraps the fruity taste with a progressively prominent kind of custard goodness. This e-liquid has a pleasant all-around taste that fills the mouth. Raspberry is the kind of e-liquid that you can vape all day long and not get bored.