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The Custard Shoppe Raspberry eJuice

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Raspberry by The Custard Shoppe offers a classic slice of pie filled with premium raspberries. Not only that, but it is topped with a healthy serving of swish made cream. 

What makes Raspberry e-juice by The Custard Shoppe so extraordinary? You get a warm and delicate cut of naturally prepared raspberry pie, loaded down with red raspberries and soft whipped cream! This wonderful sugary treat was made for everyone who love pies.  With every hit, you get a rich and healthy  sweet red raspberry pie, overflowing with berries and a heartily toasted pie covering! The Custard Shoppe has made a huge effort to try to crush these flavors into each cloud. It overflows with warm and pleasant fragrances of home.

This Custard Shoppe e-liquid is one of the best in the vaping industry. You get to taste each flavor with every hit that you take. And the inhale is just as delicious as the exhale. Raspberry e-liquid excellently blends ripe raspberries, toasted pie outside, and soft whipped cream clouds. This Custard Shoppe e-liquid has a pleasant and long-lasting taste.