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Tropic King Lychee Luau eJuice

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Lychee Luau is a delicious vape juice by Tropic King that will impress most vapers. This vape juice offers a blend of Lychee and pears that are spot-on.

Lychee Luau eJuice by Tropic King

Brand: Candy King | Size: 100ml | Flavor: Fruit

Lychee Luau is one of those e-liquids that is hard to get tired of vaping. And you can vape this e-liquid all day yearlong not only during the summer season. Lychee Luau has a superb natural taste that never becomes artificial. And this Tropic King vape juice is one of the best with its flavor profile on the market.

Lychee Luau is an impressive vape juice that makes for a pleasant vaping experience. And when you vape this e-liquid, it is the taste of the ripe pear flavor that first comes alive. The pear flavor is creamy and organic, and it gives way to the juicy Lychee flavor that dominates the exhale. Lychee Luau also has a pleasant aftertaste that has a long-lasting effect.