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Tropic King Mad Melon eJuice

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Mad Melon is an excellent vape juice by Tropic King. This e-liquid, which is produced with premium ingredients has an organic taste that pulls you in with every hit. Mad Melon contains the flavors of ripe watermelons and honeydew melons.

Mad Melon eJuice by Tropic King

Brand: Candy King Size: 100ml Flavor: Fruit

Mad Melon is one of those e-liquids that tastes completely natural. There are no chances of you tasting any artificial flavors when you vape this Tropic King e-liquid. And you can vape Mad Melon throughout the day without getting bored.

Mad Melon has the unique taste of ripe watermelons on the inhale. The watermelon has that natural sweetness that is unrivalled. You can also taste of cantaloupes on the inhale. While on the exhale, it is the taste of the honeydew melon that comes alive. The honeydew melon has a delicious taste that blends excellently with the watermelon and cantaloupes on the inhale. This Tropic King e-liquid has an impressive aftertaste.