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Twerps Super Nova Squirt eJuice

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Twerps Supernova Squirt by OKAMI Brands brings you a harmonious blend with its modern twist of classic raspberry iced tea. You get a cool refreshing black tea with a sweet, yet tart, raspberry notes. There is also ripe peach in this eliquid.

A fruity ejuice with great mixture of peach tea fused with the sour magic and the invigorating taste of raspberry is very hard to come by. Twerps – Supernova Squirt is the answer to every vapers dream of having a sure blast with every hit. This vape juice is delicious is organic and never tastes like other artificial flavors on the market. Supernova Squirt is the kind of eliquid that you can confidently vape all day long with the knowledge that you won't get bored.

Supernova Squirt by Twerps has a pleasant inhale and exhale. And when you vape this eliquid, it is the taste of the ripe raspberry flavor that comes alive. And the berry flavor has a lasting sweetness. On the exhale, it is the taste of the ripe peach and tea flavors that combine excellently.