Twst Salt Mango Cream Dream

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Mango Cream Dream is a unique vape juice by Twst Liquids Salt. This e-juice offers a blend of ripe mangoes and vanilla whipped cream.

Mango Cream Dream is an impressive e-liquid with a delicate taste. This e-juice has a pleasant flavor that is rich and organic. You can taste the sweetness of the tropical mango flavor in this e-liquid. You can also taste the sweetness of the whipped cream. This vape juice is the type that will make your taste buds water with excitement. This e-liquid is one of the best cream and mango flavored e-liquid on the market. The vanilla cream and mango flavored e-liquid is well balanced. And this e-juice is ideal for vapers with sweet tooth cravings. The sweet taste of this e-juice keeps flowing and this makes it easy to vape Mango Cream Dream all day long.

Mango Cream Dream has a superb inhale and exhale. When you vape this e-liquid, it is the taste of the ripe mangoes that come alive. The tropical taste of the ripe mangoes is sweet and juicy. The exhale of this e-liquid has the flavor of whipped cream. The vanilla flavor is sweet and flowing. Mango Cream Dream also has a rich aftertaste that remains in the mouth for a long time after you have vaped it. This e-liquid also contains nicotine sale.