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Yogi Salt Lemon Granola Bar

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Lemon flavor seems to go well with everything, even granola, and Lemon by Yogi E-Liquid Salt proves this. This is a sweet, mouthwatering vape juice with a tinge of citrus flavor. It is just as unique as it is enjoyable.

Lemon Granola Bar Salt by Yogi Vapor

Brand: Yogi Eliquid | Size: 30ml | Flavor: Dessert

If you love lemon or citrusy vapes in general, then you must try Lemon by Yogi E-Liquid Salt. This e-juice has a sweet and enjoyable taste. Although it contains lemon flavor, it is hardly sour. Lemon is a perfect e-juice to vape when you are feeling stressed and you need something to lift up your mood. It has a bold, rejuvenating taste that doesn't get old. This is a premium e-juice, and it obviously made with high-quality ingredients because it tastes so authentic. When vaping Lemon by Yogi E-Liquid Salt, you can taste the lemon flavor on the inhale and the taste of granola comes through on the exhale. Every puff delivers the same consistent flavor. This e-juice is nothing short of beautiful, and you won't quickly get tired of its taste.