Zonk Watermelon Strawberry

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Strawberry Watermelon is a delicious vape juice that will undoubtedly make the mouth water. This vape juice by Zonk. This vape juice offers the flavors of ripe watermelons and strawberries.

Strawberry Watermelon is one of those e-liquids that is a must for the summer season. This Zonk e-liquid has a refreshing tropical vibe that adds to the fun of vaping it. With Strawberry Watermelon, you do not have to worry about any artificial flavors. This e-liquid has a distinct natural taste that will impress most vaping enthusiasts. Strawberry Watermelon can be vaped all day long.

Strawberry Watermelon is a superb e-liquid with a balanced inhale and exhale. When you inhale, it is the taste of the ripe strawberry flavor that comes alive. The strawberry has a spot-on taste, and it slowly gives way to the sweetness of the ripe watermelons. This Zonk vape juice also has a pleasant aftertaste.

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