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3 Potential Benefits to Vaping | Cheap eJuice

3 Potential Benefits to Vaping

Vaping exposes the consumer too far less harmful chemicals than tobacco smoke, period! Yes, e-juice contains nicotine. But were you aware that e-juice flavors come with a variety of nicotine levels?  Healthier proportions of vegetable glycerine, a flavor ingredient, are also available. Adjustable nicotine levels in e-juice appeal to cigarette smokers looking to ‘kick the habit.’
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States are Cracking Down on Underage Sales of E-Cigarettes | Cheap eJuice

States are Cracking Down on Underage Sales of E-Cigarettes

Both state and federal health experts agree the popularity of vaping among teens has grown exponentially between 2014 – 2018. The New York Times states that FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has deemed the use of electronic vaping cigarettes is currently at ”epidemic proportions” across the country. 
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