WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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About Us

Ok....We understand your concern. Cheap prices, new website, unknown (not really, just anoynomous), and I'm sure your list goes on....Now let us explain a little bit in detail where we are coming from.

Who We Are:

Cheapejuice.com was created to fill a void in the online marketplace. After being involved in the industry for the last 4 years, our team has recognized the huge gap in what is offered to the online vape world. Up until now, it's been a black and white choice to the online customer, pay website (A) $25 for a 30ml bottle of "premium" ejuice, or buy the the "cheap" quality 200ml for $12 from website (B)...And we all are left wondering why the big price difference. Let's break it down a little better below:

Website (A):

* Sells "Premium" Brands for a market price based upon what manufacturers are charging distributors, and what distributors are then charging the stores. The numbers are all over the place these days with the craziness of the wholesale marketplace, but customers should expect to pay:


  • 30ml - $15-$20
  • 60ml - $20-$25
  • 120ml - $30-60

* This juice can touch so many hands before it's even on the shelf of a store. The manufacturer will sell to Distributor (1) for a certain price, if they buy enough the distributor will demand a low price. With this low price, he's able to then move it back in to other distribution markets, which then is moved into smaller sub-distributor hands, and finally will start to be sold to stores to stock on their shelves. A lot of mouths to feed along the way, thus commands a high price point to the people who actually need this eliquid, the customer.
Very confusing we know, but stay with us here..

Website (B):

* Sells extremely cheap ejuice, usually slamming the market price with a house brand, sometimes selling 120mls for $10. This makes perfect sense...They feed no mouths in between, usually manufactured in house and sold direct to customers.
* Quality differs from one cheap vendor to the next, but that has little to do with what ingredients they use, usually inexperience in making ejuice is why it tastes "cheap".

Well here at CheapeJuice.com, we are doing things differently...We are working with "premium" brands that have been tried and tested on the market, and are in essence relabeling their flavors for you guys. While we can't say you'll love every flavor, we can assure you the quality is there. We're working with 15 different brands as we speak, but in a non-disclosure to protect the brands that are currently on the market. You may order a bottle, and know exactly what juice that is. We plan on launching 2-3 new flavors weekly, so over a period of time, you may buy a bottle here and know it's the same juice you already vape...except it's about 60-70% cheaper on your new favorite website, CheapEJuice.com

Thanks and welcome to CheapEJuice.com, because "Cheap is the new Premium!"