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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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5 of the Best Tobacco E-Liquids at Our Store for Under $13 | Cheap eJuice

5 of the Best Tobacco E-Liquids at Our Store for Under $13

As you know, there are different e-liquid flavors on the market. Vapers have the opportunity to choose whichever they prefer. One of the most popular e-liquid flavors around is tobacco. This is not surprising since a large number of vapers dropped smoking cigarettes to get into vaping. A lot of people see vaping as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. In the vaping industry, many manufacturers have produced classic tobacco-based e-liquids. As with other flavors, not all tobacco-based e-liquids are equal. There are some flavors that taste just great, while others are in need of improvement. In this article will go through some of the best tobacco-based e-liquids in the Cheap Juice online collection.


1. Salt Tobacco eJuice by Air Factory Salt

This vape juice is one of the best around. You get the taste of original tobacco when you vape this e-juice. Tobacco eJuice by Air Factory Salt has the taste of rich Virginia tobacco flavor. There are very few e-liquids that taste as great as this one does. The earthy taste of the tobacco flavor is not compromised by any artificial flavors. And there is no lasting harsh taste when you vape this Air Factory Salt vape juice. Another fact about this e-juice that will impress you is nicotine salt. Nicotine salt is naturally occurring nicotine derived from the tobacco leaf. Researchers say this nicotine is more potent than free-base nicotine. And this is one reason why several brands have begun using nicotine salt. According to experts, nicotine salt is strong and has that extra throat hit that most vapers enjoy.

Salt Tobacco by Air Factory Salt comes in a 30ml bottle. The Air Factory brand is reputed in the vaping industry for its exceptional blends. This tobacco-based vape juice comes with different nicotine concentration levels. Salt Tobacco is ideal for vapers who enjoy nicotine salt. You can get 35mg or 50mg of nicotine with this e-liquid. You can buy a 30ml bottle of this Air Factory Salt Tobacco vape juice for $11.99 at our store.


2. Yogi Salt Vanilla Tobacco Granola Bar

In the world of tobacco-based e-liquids, there are very few that taste as delicious as Vanilla Tobacco Granola Bar. This e-juice is one of the best and will appeal to vapers who enjoy tobacco and have sweet tooth cravings. This vape juice is produced by Yogi Salt, one of the best brands around. You get a blend of cured tobacco, which has an earthy taste to it. You can also taste the cream and sweetness of the granola flavor. This Yogi Salt vape juice is bold and has a long-lasting effect on the taste buds.

Vanilla Tobacco Granola Bar has an excellent taste that flows throughout the inhale and exhale. When you vape this Yogi Salt e-juice, the taste of the delicious granola flavor that fills the mouth. It is only on the exhale that you taste the earthy flavor of tobacco. You can also taste sweet and creamy vanilla flavor on the exhale. The flavors in this e-liquid are excellently blended, and all come together to make this e-juice one-of-a-kind.

Like other e-liquids by Yogi E-Liquid, Vanilla Tobacco Granola Bar has superb packaging. This tobacco e-liquid comes with different concentrations levels of nicotine. Vanilla Tobacco Granola Bar comes in 30ml bottles with 35mg, or 50mg of nicotine. You can buy a 30ml bottle of this e-liquid for $11.99 at our online store.


3. Tobacco American Patriots eJuice by Naked 100

Everyone familiar with vaping knows the Naked 100 brand. This brand is well known for its impressive e-liquid blends. One of the best Tobacco e-liquids on the market is the American Patriots. This vape juice is part of the Naked 100 collection. This e-juice brand is known for using some of the finest ingredients on the market. American Patriots has the flavor of tobacco and bourbon. Both flavors are of premium quality and are excellently blended. When you inhale this Naked 100 e-liquid, it is the taste of the fresh tobacco blend that fills the mouth. And on the exhale, it is the bourbon flavor that comes alive.

American Patriots come in 60ml bottles with excellent designs. This vape juice also comes with different concentration levels of nicotine: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg of nicotine. You can buy a bottle of this tobacco-based vape juice for $12.99 at our store.


4. Nude Tobacco Mild eJuice

Nude is another reputed brand in the vaping industry. Although this brand has a wide range of e-liquids on the market, Mild e-liquid is one of the best in their collection. This vape juice has a great tobacco flavor. Apart from tobacco, this e-juice also has the flavor of caramel. The tobacco and caramel are excellent blended. And this vape juice makes for a great vaping experience. The caramel flavor is not overly sweet and does not get overbearing.

Nude Tobacco Mild eJuice comes in different concentration levels: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg of nicotine. You can easily buy a bottle of this e-liquid from any vape shop. Cheap eJuice has the best deals for e-liquids online. You can buy a 120ml bottle of this e-liquid for $11.99 at our store.


5. Aqua Tobacco Blast eJuice

One of the last on my list of incredible tobacco-based e-liquids is Blast by Aqua Tobacco. This vape juice offers a blend of earthy tobacco and chilling menthol. Aqua Tobacco is one of those brands known for churning-out impressive blends. Blast has the flavor of strong tobacco that does not taste artificial in any way. And the menthol flavor is rich and has a cooling effect on the taste buds. The menthol and tobacco are excellent blended. Blast by Aqua Tobacco is one of the best tobacco and menthol e-liquids to vape all day long and not get bored.

Blast by Aqua Tobacco comes in excellently designed 60ml bottles. This vape juice comes with different levels of nicotine: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg.  This e-juice is ideal for vapers who are new to vaping nicotine. The 0mg, 3mg, are options for vapers who do not consume too much nicotine. You can buy a 60ml bottle of Blast by Aqua Tobacco for $9.99 at our store.

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