WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Pod System Comparison: Smok Nord vs Smok Novo

Pod System Comparison: Smok Nord vs Smok Novo

Smok is one of the best brands offering high-quality vaping hardware products. This company has a collection of different vaping devices and pod systems. Two of the top-selling products in the Smok pod systems collection are the Nord and the Novo. In this post, we will go through some of the major similarities and differences between both vaping systems. 

Pod System Size

Both Nord and Novo vaping devices by Smok are designed to be small light and easy to carry. These pod systems look similar and will fit into your pockets easily.

Smok Novo measures 88.3mm by 24.3mm by 14.3 mm. This vape system weighs about 40g and is available in different color finishes. And the chassis of this system are manufactured with zinc alloy and comes with a plastic duck mouthpiece.

On the other hand, Nord has dimensions of 94mm by 30mm by 18.8mm. And this pod system weighs about 80g. This Smok device has aluminum alloy chassis and also comes with a plastic duck-billed mouthpiece. This vape system is available in different color finishes including White & Black, Bottle Gold, Red, Prism Gold, Prism Rainbow, and Full Black.

Pod System Battery

The Novo device comes with high-quality battery with a 450mAh capacity. This battery can last about several for hours of vaping sessions. Novo has a wattage range of 6W to 25W. And you can charge the Novo battery using a micro USB cable.

And Nord has a larger battery capacity than the Novo. This Smok vaping device comes with 1100mAh battery. The battery is strong and can last you for a few days of vaping. The Nord comes with a micro USB cable that is used for charging. And Nord also comes with  an LED light which serves as way to monitor the battery level.

Pod System Design & Coils

Smok Novo is designed with not buttons and is easy to operate. This vaping device is draw-activated and is ideal for people who are new to vaping.

On the other hand, the Nord is designed with a single button that is one feature distinguishing between both systems. And the Nord button is used for firing the device when vaping. This firing button also serves as a on/off button.

The Smok Novo works with different coils and the options are 1.5ohm coil, 1.4ohm oil, and a 1.5ohm coil. While the Nord works with 1.4ohm coils, 1.4ohm ceramic coil, and 0.6ohm mesh coil.

Pod System E-Juice Capacity

This Smok Nord comes with 3ml vape juice capacity. And Novo has a 2ml e-liquid capacity.  Novo  works with both freebase and nicotine salt e-liquids and is great for restricted mouth-to-lung hits. Novo is designed to work with e-liquids containing nicotine salt. On the other-hand, Nord is designed for max VG e-liquids. And Nord is ideal for vaping enthusiasts who enjoy chasing clouds. However, unlike Novo, the Nord device has a more limited feature range.

Both Smok vaping devices are come with refillable pods. And another striking similarity of both devices if that they both don’t support adjustable airflow but offers an adjustable wattage feature. 

And both the Novo and Nord vaping systems come with several protective features. Some of these features are low voltage protection, short-circuit protection, 8-second cutoff among others.

One of the biggest advantages that Nord offers is that it comes with a sub-ohm coil. A lot of vapers who have used both Smok devices can confidently say they are both great vaping devices. However, the Nord is a more superior device than the Novo based on its versatility and performance level.

You can buy the Smok Novo Pod System Kit for $25.99. While the Smok Nord is also sold for $25.99 at our shop.

You can also buy Smok Novo Replacement Pods directly from our shop for $13.99, while the Smok Nord Replacement coils are available for $14.99.

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