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URGENT MUST READ: New Regulations on Vape Shipments | Cheap eJuice

URGENT MUST READ: New Regulations on Vape Shipments

All good things must come to an end, and parting is such sweet sorrow. These two clichés are unfortunately very accurate in the revelation that major couriers will no longer be shipping vape products to customers across the country. This shocking news comes from an amendment to the PACT Act, which stands for the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act. Even though vape products have always kept a firm distinction from cigarettes, this amendment lumps smoking and vaping into the same category. This includes vape hardware, non-nicotine vape juice, and even menthol and tobacco flavored vape juices. Because of this amendment, online vape shops will no longer be allowed to use FedEx, USPS, or UPS to ship vape supplies to their customers.


You may remember the panic-filled weeks in the summer of 2019, where thousands of teenagers were becoming gravely ill due to their illegally-gotten JUUL devices. From serious lung infections to over 30 fatalities, these teens were blaming vaping for the destruction of their health. It was only after several weeks that the real reason for their health declining emerged: these teens were adding illegal THC and vitamin E acetate to their JUUL pods to “enhance their high.” But by then it was too late; parents were furious at how easily these devices were able to be obtained and demanded change. This change came slowly at first. Changes started with the raising the minimum age from 18 to 21, charging a tobacco tax on all vape products (regardless of nicotine content), and banishing the sale of nearly all flavored e-liquids except tobacco and menthol. But the worst change came just a few weeks ago: the PACT Act.


Tobacco has always been prohibited to be sold to minors. The PACT Act further cemented this ruling by banning the shipping of all tobacco products, but the loose wording failed to include vaping in this new law. However, in the new stimulus bill of 2021, new wording was implemented on page 5,136 of the PACT, banning the shipment of “any electronic device that aids in the nicotine delivery system.” While DHL has long since refused to ship any vape products, FedEx, UPS, and USPS still allowed vape products to be shipped, under the assumption that online vape shops had properly vetted their customers to ensure vaping products were only delivered to legal recipients. In lieu of this new law, all three of the major couriers released dates on when they would no longer be shipping vape products across the country. FedEx was the first, stating that March 1st would be their last day. UPS followed suit, stating that April 5th would be their final date. USPS was reluctant to give a date, stating that it was difficult to liken tobacco products to vape products, but ultimately released their final shipment date as April 26th. Now online vape shops are scrambling to find alternative shipping services, if any at all even exist.


Even if online vape shops procure a new way to ship vape products, there is a long list of stipulations attached to shipping vape products to their customers. Every vape shipment must be age-verified and signed for by a capable adult. Every online vape shop is also required to submit meticulous records of their customers and shipments to their state representatives and the federal government. These monthly reports must include the customer’s age, address, type of product ordered, amount of products ordered, and frequency of orders. The shipper is required to keep a record of any delivery that failed for any reason (customer not home, age requirement not met, etc.), as well as how often these failed deliveries occurred.

The Covid-19 pandemic has left many businesses, brick-and-mortar and online alike, in shambles as we are told to “stay home to stay safe.” With these harsh restrictions, many vape shops will be forced to close their doors forever, leaving millions of vapers unable to acquire their favorite vape brands and products. Online shops have the luxury of offering lower prices and fast shipping, since they operate from warehouses and often don’t need an actual vape shop location. Thanks to this new amendment, vape prices will rise, brands will be extremely limited, the tobacco tax will deter customers from buying vape products, and vapers will be at the mercy of their local vape shop’s selections. We may see a rise in the use of smoking once again, as going to the corner store for a pack of cigarettes will be much more convenient than hunting for your favorite e-liquid. Surely this isn’t the desired outcome for the PACT Act, is it?


Here at Cheap eJuice, we are well aware of the stress and frustration that ensues due to these unfair new rules. We pledge to do everything possible to keep you, our customer, fully stocked and ready. We are extremely grateful for your business, and humbly request that you be patient with us as we do our best to get you your vaping products in a timely fashion. We promise to keep updating you on new information as we get it, ensuring that you know exactly what we do. For the time being, we will continue to fulfill orders and ship out packages until we are no longer able to do so. We also highly recommend that you stock up on your favorite brands now at our best prices, as an uncertain future makes it impossible to predict how long we can remain in business. The April 25th deadline is fast approaching, and we encourage you not to wait till the last minute, when supplies may be low and you may be left without your favorite e-liquids.

All of us here at Ultimate Vape Deals understand the panic that comes from these new rules. We promise you, our customer, that we will do everything in our power to serve you to the best of our abilities. We ask for your patience in these uncertain times, and we are deeply grateful for your patronage. We vow to keep you updated on the latest information, allowing you to know everything that we do, as soon as we know. As of now, we are still fulfilling orders as quickly as possible. We urge you to stock up on your favorite brand name e-liquids at the lowest prices in the industry, as the final deadline of April 25th is quickly approaching. Our devotion to customer service is as strong as it’s ever been and we understand, now more than ever, how important vaping is to you. Our dedication to low prices and excellent customer service remains the same, and we look forward to shipping out your orders!


The outlook may seem grim and ominous, but there is still something you as a consumer can do! Visit commoncause.org to locate your state representative. You can reach out to your rep and express your concerns on why this law is detrimental to vapers across the country. Ask your state rep how you can continue to “stay home and stay safe” if you are now being forced to enter the public realm to acquire your necessary vape products. Now you put yourself and others at risk of exposure by being forced to enter businesses and conduct business, instead of in the comfort of your own home. What will happen when the black market surges to make up for these new restrictions, and vape products are made available to those who know how to find it? If some vapers feel that acquiring their beloved and necessary vape products are too difficult and time-consuming, they may even give up vaping entirely and revert back to cigarettes. Health issues will increase, such as lung cancer and other tobacco-related illnesses, insurance claims will rise to cover these health issues, and we will be right back to where we started before vaping was invented. Despite all the knowledge that smoking cigarettes and inhaling tar and possibly developing lung cancer is dangerous, this new law makes returning to cigarettes much more attractive. Your voice deserves to be heard about these issues!


It’s a safe assumption that no adult wants to enable the acquisition of vape and tobacco products to underage users. The PACT Act is excellent in theory, as tobacco and vape products are intended for adults only. But if in doing this, you also harm the lives of vapers across the country, is it really a good law? These topics mentioned in the Other Requirements section of this article could have very easily been implemented instead of banning the shipment of all vaping products. But as to why they weren’t and who came up with the idea to ban vape shipments entirely, we really don’t know. All we can do is fight back and raise awareness on why this new amendment is harmful to vapers across the country. The learning curve for vaping is steep, fraught with misinformation and distrust. But vapers have persevered, often gaining a close social circle of encouragement and welcoming amongst other vapers and former smokers. Just because a law exists does not mean it cannot be changed tomorrow. At one point in 1919, even alcohol was banned from being produced and sold, leading to the creation and black market sale of moonshine. Now, over a hundred years later, you can get alcohol delivered right to your doorstep, while vape products are being vilified. Something is seriously wrong with that equation! We encourage you to raise awareness, do your research on the PACT Act, and do your part to get this despicable amendment removed! If you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach out to us here at Cheap eJuice, via phone, email, or social media. As fellow vapers dedicated to delivering the best vape products at the cheapest prices, we are here for you! Vapers are a determined and dedicated group, and we know we’ll get through this, just as we overcame our addition to cigarettes! The future may look bleak and discouraging, but we encourage you to stay strong, no matter what happens!

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