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Aqua Original Pure eJuice

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Pure Ejuice by Aqua Original delivers a pure and refreshing blend of vape juice, featuring cold chunks of summer watermelon, crisp apple slices, and plump strawberries that have been warmed by the summer sun. Take your vape taste buds on a journey through summer, with sweet and ripe fruits infusing your every cloud!

Pure eJuice by Aqua Eliquid

Brand: Aqua Eliquid Bottle Size: 60ml Flavor Type: Fruit

Pure Ejuice by Aqua Original presents a vape juice brimming with fresh fruits and sweet flavor. Three fresh fruits come together in this delicious vape juice, promising to delight your vape taste buds with every puff! First up, we have summer's favorite fruit: watermelon! Fat and juicy melons sit lazily on the vine, soaking up the summer sun in a wild melon patch. This sweet and refreshing melon cuts carved into thick chunks, waiting to delight your vape taste buds with the nostalgic taste of summer! Next in this fruit e-liquid masterpiece is sun-kissed strawberries, gleaming a deep ruby red in the afternoon sun.

The rich flavor of summer infuses each of these berries with a delightful sweetness that your vape taste buds won't be able to resist! And finally, we have smooth and crisp apples, plucked straight from the orchard at the peak of fall freshness. These orchard-fresh Honeycrisp apples are nearly bursting with crunchy and juicy apple juice in every puff! Each of these three fruits are delicious on their own but brought together in a triple knockout vape juice, you get a rich and well-balanced fruit flavor that your vape taste buds will simply go wild for! Indulge in the flavor of crisp apples, sweet strawberries, and juicy watermelon, thanks to Pure Ejuice by Aqua Original!