WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Holy Cannoli

Holy Cannoli Eliquid

Holy Cannoli presents their line of premium eliquids that are used for Sub-Ohm devices. These flavors include Strawberry Cream, Blueberry Strudel, French Toast and Fruity Cereal. Also check out their newest line of Holy Cannoli Donut Series e-liquids. 

Holy Cannoli Flavors

Holy Cannoli is about flavor and quality ingredients. Despite the name, they are not limited to just a few variations of cannoli themed vapes. Here is a guide to some of the best Holy Cannoli flavors. 

Blueberry Strudel

Strudel flavors combined with ripe blueberry jam make a great breakfast treat. Inspired by this flavor, Blueberry Strudel is a winner. 

French Toast

French toast is simple as can be but is exceedingly because it is delicious. The same holds true for French Toast by Holy Cannoli. Maple, powdered sugary and flaky golden toast flavors work just as well in a nic salt or high-VG juice as they do for breakfast. And it is a balanced flavor meant to be enjoyed all day. 

Fruit Cereal

Formerly named Fruit Pebbled, Fruit Cereal has a cannoli flavored foundation that is elevated with the tart and sweet flavors of fruity cereal pebbles. 

Glazed Donut

Get your hands on a bottle of Holy Cannoli Glazed Donut eJuice! This particular vape juice features the familiar taste of a freshly baked donut with cream filling, which is then coated with the perfect amount of glaze to give an even sweeter finish to this already delicious concoction.

Strawberry Cream

Fresh strawberry filling laden in a creamy dollop into a crispy cannoli and topped with confectioners sugar is the go-to flavor for many vapers. Strawberry remains one of the best vape flavors ever and Strawberry Cream is no exception.