WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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One Hit Wonder

One Hit Wonder


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One Hit Wonder Vape Juice Only $13.99

One Hit Wonder packs a prime fighter lineup of vape flavors, each uniquely boasting their e-liquid flavor strengths! Magic Man delivers all of the gummy bear favorites into one magical flavor. Muffin Man delivers a freshly toasted apple muffin, buttered with sweet cream and sprinkled with cinnamon. My Man delivers a creamy blend of the perfect ice cream trifecta: rich Madagascar vanilla, dark creamy chocolate, and sweet summer strawberry. Rocket Man delivers the breakfast of champions in this flavorful e-juice: smoothly churned Greek yogurt, crunchy granola clusters, and delightfully plump blueberries. The Man by delivers a classic milky blend: plump sun-warmed strawberries and freshly churned cream. All these Men combine to form the perfect lineup of flavors; enjoy sweetly scented clouds that quickly perfume any room, thanks to the delicious brand One Hit Wonder! Now get One Hit Wonder Salt Nic with the same exciting flavors!


One Hit Wonder Flavors

One Hit Wonder tops the billboard repeatedly with a veritable album of amazing flavors. 

Muffin Man: Cinnamon muffin with sweet apple notes.

Mini Muffin Man: Strawberry muffin flavors. 

Island Man: Tropical fruit punch flavor. 

Island Man Ice: Tropical fruit punch and cool menthol ice. 

The Man: Strawberries and smooth cream. 

My Man: Neapolitan ice cream flavor: Strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream notes.

Rocket Man: Greek yogurt, blueberry, and granola flavors.

Magic Man: Sweet and tart watermelon gummy confection flavor with mixed fruit notes.

Army Man: Classic Key lime pie flavor, with citrus, cream and custard notes. 

Fire Man: Pink lemonade.