WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Offering premium e-juice at affordable prices is what we do best at Cheap eJuice, and we have no plans to stop. In light of recent regulations and new laws we must follow, we want to update our community and crush any rumors before they start.

Cheap eJuice is not going anywhere. We are here to stay. That being said, there will be changes to how we ship and how you receive your orders. 

The PACT Act of 2020

In December of 2020, the U.S. federal government signed a bill that included what they call the PACT Act (Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act). Thus, all vape retailers must change a few things about the way they operate, but this does not mean closing our doors. 

We are here to tell you quite the opposite; we will remain open, we are restocking our products, and we will continue fulfilling orders, but there are a few changes that our customers need to be aware of.

What’s Changing

After April 26th, 2021, USPS will no longer be an option for shipping vape products. However, there are alternative options, and we will continue to update you on these when we know more. 

Starting March 26th, customers are required to show a valid ID and sign for their packages containing vape products as the second step of age verification. Please read the USPS website for further details on adult signature requirements. We understand that this is a hassle for you guys, but this ensures that only adults can get vape products, and an extra layer of protection is never a bad thing. 

Additionally, there will be new federal and state taxes on all tobacco and vape products, which may affect your order’s final price. We will do everything we can to minimize the extra cost for you and make e-juice as affordable as possible. Some e-Liquid manufacturers are discontinuing some or all of their products, meaning you may see some inventory changes in the coming months. 

What You Can Do

While this is a tough time to be in this industry, we want to assure our customers that there is no need to panic. Cheap eJuice is not going anywhere, and neither should you. Please continue to order what you need and take advantage of more affordable shipping costs while you can. To stay updated on all that is changing, sign up for our email newsletter and check your inbox frequently to remain up to date. 

If you would like to stand against these new regulations in the vape industry, you can call your local representative and let them know how the PACT Act negatively affects you. However, this is not necessary. We are rolling with the punches and making it work, and we hope you will too.

We appreciate your understanding and loyalty, and we value your satisfaction, so please reach out to our Customer Service staff with any questions or concerns, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Regarding our response to the PACT Act regulations at Cheap eJuice, here are some additional updates that may affect your online vape product shopping experience. 

Here is what we know: 
1. Any order placed starting March 26, 2021, will be subject to an additional $7 fee. This cost covers USPS's mandatory additional handling for USPS Priority [PACT Act Compliant] delivery.
2. To successfully receive your delivery, an adult (21+) with a verifiable birth date must show their valid government/state ID to your mail carrier and sign for your package. The ID must match the shipping address. 
3. There are a couple of alternatives for those who cannot be home to receive their order. On the USPS website, there are resources on how to open a P.O. Box and how to pre-schedule a package pickup from an authorized USPS facility. 
4. If you happen to miss your delivery, your USPS mail carrier will leave a slip on your door with detailed instructions on the next steps.  

In addition to the above adjustments in the shipping and delivery process, there are also some likely changes ahead regarding the taxes applied to your individual order. Any order placed after March 25, 2021, will likely be subject to additional municipal and/or state taxes on the purchase. These taxes vary greatly depending on your particular area, so the best source of more information on these increases will be from your local municipal or state government's websites. 

We want to take this opportunity to again thank you for your continued support as a Cheap eJuice customer. Without you, we don't know where we would be, and thankfully thanks to you, we don't have to! If you have any questions or concerns about this update or your order, please head to our Contact Us/Customer Service page for assistance.