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Air Factory 4 Pack eJuice Bundle

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Blue Razz, Mystery, Strawberry Kiwi, and Wild Apple e-juice by Air Factory look to charm your taste buds with heavenly sweet treats of taffy and fresh fruits.

4 Pack Bundle by Air Factory Eliquid

First up, we have Air Factory Blue Razz. Sweet raspberries are gently assembled in the light of a full moon, offering a delicate blue tint on each ripe berry. As the raspberries are kept in obscurity, the sweet and agonizing flavor escalates a strong and rich sweetness that is ripe for candy making! These berries are tangled and stressed over freshly pulled saltwater taffy to show a berry-licious kind of sweet and stretchy mists, ideal for your cloud pursuing undertakings!

Next, we have Air Factory Mystery. Get your investigator on with this riddle flavor from Air Factory! Sleuth for clues as you puff on sweet crest of fruity mists, regardless of whether it be berries, citrus, the whole cornucopia, or nothing from what was just mentioned! Let your taste buds choose which fruit rules in this tasty blend of fruits and candy! Sweet and freshly pulled saltwater taffy mix together to show a delectable e-juice that is a genuine delight to puff on. Exactly when you think you've made sense of which flavor is the offender, another flavor bounces in to befuddle your taste buds once more!

Thirdly, we have Air Factory Strawberry Kiwi! Enjoy one of fruits’ favorite duos, with succulent strawberries and smooth tart kiwis! Fascinating kiwis have been culled with consideration and cut to uncover an emerald green fruit that overflows with tart and tangy sweetness! Enjoy the juice of a hundred strawberries, pressed until the absolute last drop is trickled into a tank of sweet and stretchy saltwater taffy. The juice from a thousand kiwi cuts are pressed and stressed in with the general mishmash too, offering an e-juice that is savage in flavor and incredible in mists!

Last however unquestionably not least, we have Air Factory Wild Apple. You can remove an apple from the wild, however you'll never have the option to remove all the wild from the apple! Each puff of this e-juice guarantees a coldblooded mix of tasty apples with a wild bite toward the end! Sweet and sticky taffy is pulled ruthlessly to frame an extended rope of mists with wild apple cuts moving a tightrope dance. These apples were accumulated where the wild things are, and it required an extraordinary exertion to get sufficiently together apples to completely enhance each puff. Exploit all the decency a wild plantation brings to the table, sprinkled with generously all through a sweet and chewy taffy treat!