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Air Factory Blue Razz eJuice

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Blue Razz e-juice by Air Factory is a delectable mix of delightful fruit and taffy candy presenting light and breezy sweet blue raspberry, extended and maneuvered into a delightful sweet and dissolved down into e-juice form. With such a great fruity treat mix, no big surprise this flavor is essentially overwhelming to vapers.

Blue Razz by Air Factory Eliquid

Brand: Air Factory Eliquid | Size: 60ml | Flavor: Candy

If you talk about a brand that conveys premium e-juices, one brand is steady at the top of the priority list which is the Air Factory E-Liquid. One of their top-notch e-juices called Blue Razz is getting a great deal of buzz at this moment. It is profiled to have an aftertaste like a sweet bit of blue raspberry treat, with a trace of tart to make it intriguing. It tastes sort of like blue taffy. It is magnificent. Since our first hit, we haven't had the option to quit vaping it.

Blue Razz by Air Factory E-Liquid has a sweet blue raspberry breathe in, with a sweet treat tart breathe out. It has an incredibly smooth and charming throat hit. It feels excellent to vape on, it is in no way harsh or uncomfortable. This might be an intense explanation, however it is a standout among the best inclination hits we have had in some time. In general, we cherish this e juice, and we are stirred to perceive what else is headed from Air Factory E-Liquid. Snatch a bottle of Blue Razz today and let it tear!