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Air Factory Blue Razz Ice eJuice

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Air Factory's Blue Razz Ice is an ice cold, blue raspberry candy ejuice that will have you feeling cool with every puff. The sweet, sour and icy taste of this e-liquid makes it irresistible.

Blue Razz Ice by Air Factory Eliquid

Brand: Air Factory Eliquid | Size: 60ml | Flavor: Menthol

Take a journey to the Arctic with Blue Razz Ice by Frost Factory. This e-juice won't literally freeze you, but will give you a lovely blast of menthol coolness while delighting your sweet tooth. Blue raspberry taffy candy is a classic. Imagine a cold twist to your favorite blue raspberry taffy candy. Tempting, right? Well, that's what is in store for you with Blue Razz Ice. You won't quickly get tired of its mouthwatering taste. When vaping Blue Razz Ice by Frost Factory, you can taste the blue raspberry candy flavor on the inhale. It is sharply tart at first and then the candy sweetness washes over your tongue. On the exhale, the taste remains the same but the icy menthol comes into play. Blue Razz Ice will your taste buds go insane with excitement. This is a summertime vape. The menthol kick will allow you to overcome the heat of the summer. The refreshing taste of this e-liquid makes it an all day vape.