WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Aqua Fresh Swell eJuice

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Aqua Synthetic Swell eJuice is sure to remind you of those sour gummy confections that you would stock up on before a long road trip.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Tastes like dryer sheets smell

I don't know why but this liquid just does not taste like anything reasonable. It tastes like dryer sheets or something. It's very bad. I had to scrap a fresh coil because I used this liquid and I just couldn't handle the flavor. I'm really unhappy with it.

Good flavor

I enjoy the flavor, it does seem to fade kind of fast however. Not as if you are getting blind to the flavor, more like once I put it in a pod, the taste fades the longer it's in there. I would still buy again, I just don't fill my pod all the way up every time.

Phill L.
It taste better than OK it taste Swell

I like te flavor it is modest and still provides me a nice sweet taste and nice on the exhale as well. It full flavor not strong.

Robin F.
Great juice

This is a new one to me and it is really good . Service is good and shipping is fast.

Nick W.
Love it

Absolutely amazing taste and will buy again

Drops eJuice by Aqua Synthetic

Get ready for your face to pucker because this watermelon confection flavor is SOUR! Luckily, Cheap eJuice now carries 60mL bottles at 3mg and 6mg synthetic nicotine strength.

Swell eJuice by Aqua Synthetic brings forth a sour watermelon confection that is unlike any other! On inhale, you will take a journey to a sweet melon field filled with delicious and crisp watermelon flavor. On the exhale, you will feel your lips start to pucker as your taste buds begin to go crazy from the sourness. What’s even better is that this delightful eJuice is made with synthetic nicotine, which will provide you with even more flavor and a smoother puff! 

The creation of this tasty flavor started at a luscious patch of watermelons. Our mixologists were out gathering the delicious fruit when they discovered that there was a problem: all of the watermelons at the patch were not ripe! They didn't have time to wait for them to ripen, so they gathered as many as they could and brought them back to the vape lab to experiment. The melons were more sour than they would be if they were fully ready for harvesting, but the mixologists wanted to bring out this sourness even more. They cut the melons into chunks before squeezing the pieces into a soft pink juice. They sprinkled sour sugar crystals into the tasty liquid, mixed the concoction with synthetic nicotine, and poured the mixture into 60mL bottles, ready to share their creation with you. Buy the sweetly sour Swell eJuice by Aqua Synthetic at 3mg and 6mg synthetic nicotine strength at Cheap eJuice today!