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Bad Drip Labs God Nectar eJuice

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God Nectar is a superb e-liquid that is part of the Bad Drip collection. This vape juice has the flavor of ripe mangoes, orange, guavas, and passion fruits.

God Nectar eJuice by Bad Drip Labs

Brand: Bad Drips Labs | Size: 60ml | Flavor: Fruit

God Nectar is a delicious e-liquid and is arguably one of the best fruit flavored e-liquid on the market. This ejuice does not taste like it contains any chemicals. This vape juice is rich and taste very natural. All the flavors in this ejuice are well balanced, you do not have to worry about any of the flavors becoming overpowering. This Bad Drip ejuice tastes like freshly made fruit juice. God Nectar is ideal for the summer season. You can vape this Bad Drip ejuice also day long without getting bored.

God Nectar by Bad Drip is a pleasant e-liquid that has a rich inhale and exhale. When you vape this e-liquid, it is the taste of the ripe passion fruit flavor that first hits the taste buds. And you can also taste the orange flavor on the inhale. The exhale of God Nectar by Bad Drip, it is the taste ripe mango flavor that hits you first. And you can also taste the ripe guava flavor at the end of the exhale.