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Candy King Berry Dweebz eJuice

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Berry Dweebz is a superb vape juice that is part of the Candy King collection. This e-liquid has the flavor of different berries and hard candy.

Berry Dweebz eJuice by Candy King Eliquid

Brand: Candy King Eliquid | Size: 100ml | Flavor: Candy

Berry Dweebz is a classic e-liquid that makes for a fun vaping experience. This e-liquid is the type that pulls you with every hit you take. Although the vaping market is pack with many berry and candy flavored e-liquids, Berry Dweebz is one of the best. And Candy King, the manufacturer is well known for its impressive e-liquids. This vape juice brand has some of the best candy-based e-liquids on the market. This ejuice makes for a pleasant vaping experience. Berry Dweebz is the king of e-liquid that you can vape all day long.

Berry Dweebz is a delicate e-liquid by Candy King. This e-liquid has a pleasant inhale and exhale. When you inhale, it is the taste of the ripe berries that come alive. And when you exhale, it is the sweetness of the ripe candy flavor that comes alive. This vape juice also has a delicate aftertaste taste with a long-lasting effect.