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Candy King On Ice Swedish eJuice

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Enjoy your candy dreams as you dive and take a hit on Candy King on Ice's Swedish e-juice. Run along vivid dreams of having your favorite childhood candy with a refreshing menthol finish. You also get delicious chewy red candy when you vape this e-liquid.

Swedish Ice eJuice by Candy King Eliquid

Brand: Candy King | Size: 100ml | Flavor: Menthol

Swedish E-juice by Candy King on Ice gives that quick detour along your favorite red fish-shaped snacks with an extra menthol kick. Whether or not you like menthol flavors, this e-juice flavor is a must try above the piles of your favorite e-juice collection. Swedish gives off a kick of delicious gummy candy shaped fish that swim downstream and right into your stomach but only this time these fish have been caught in the winter season which gives them that icy cooling effect. Since this flavor resembles your favorite fish-shaped candy, it also has the same sweet taste.

Inhaling Swedish gives you the familiar hit of menthol jumped with a tiny undertone of gummy bear. You also get the taste of chewy red candy fishes sweetened with icy cherries. You also get sticky frozen candy for a blast of icy yet chewy fruit cloud when you exhale. Upon exhaling, your mouth will be washed away with the same feeling as when you inhale, only that it will leave you with a mixture of sweetness and tart. This flavor has no charring or burning sensation giving you a throat hit that is smooth and subtle. You should try and haul this flavor, it's a perfect e-juice that the world needs to try on.