Candy King on Salt Swedish


Swedish is a delicious vape juice by Candy King SALT.  Swedish  is a recreation of the renowned fish-formed chewy confections from Sweden. You get hints of crisp blended berries when you vape this e-liquid.

There are very few candy flavored e-liquids that rival the taste of Swedish by Candy King on SALT. This vape juice is rich and delicious. Every puff you take of this e-liquid makes the mouth water. And there are no artificial flavors when you vape Swedish by Candy King on SALT. This vape juice is distinct and can easily be vaped all day long. The sweetness of the candy flavor never gets overwhelming. It blends nicely with the taste of the strawberries.

Swedish by Candy King SALT is a pleasant-tasting e-liquid that makes the mouth water with every hit. The inhale of this e-liquid is just as rich as the exhale. And when you inhale, it is the taste of the ripe berries that first hits the taste. The berry flavor is juicy and organic. It gives way for the taste of the sweet chewy candy flavor. Swedish is one of those e-liquids with a pleasant and long-lasting aftertaste that flows long after your last puff.

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