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Charlies Chalk Dust Big Berry eJuice

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Big Berry by Charlie's Chalk Dust comprises of the delicious watermelon pieces and sweet summer blueberries into chewy jam beans! Appreciate cloud burst of sugary candies and keep those sweet tooth yearnings under control!

Treat yourself to a really tasty sweet magnum opus that would be pleased with, combining the amazing fruity flavor with the overpowering chewiness of sugary jam beans! Presently as opposed to picking among sweets and natural product seasons, this flavor offers both! Fat and delicious watermelons were pulled far from a ready melon fix, kudzu vines doing their best to fight to keep each fatty melon. These dark green melons were cut into thick cuts of new summer goodness, with sticky red watermelon juice sparkling in the late spring sun.

Each slicing has the unappetizing green fleshy and dark seeds evacuated to leave a thick sticky watermelon flesh and juice. This tasty watermelon and blueberry juice get filled an extravagant jam bean machine, where delicate and chewy jam beans fly out of the opposite side! Each sugary sweet highlights the rich and reviving summer kind of delectable watermelon and wild blueberry juice!